Thousands of people have used Card Avenue to create a registry for their special event. See what other users have to say about their positive experiences using the site.

"We have most of the furniture we need already but Card Avenue will help us finish redecorating and get the essential homeware items we need to build our happy home together."
- Maureen & Jon
"We are currently unsure of our future living location and would like to wait until we settle down before furnishing our home. To simplify things we have registered for discounted gift cards at Card Avenue."
- Natalie & Miles
"We don't need a lot of things, so we decided to create something different. The Card Avenue registry will be used to make our kitchen a welcoming place that we can share our love for cooking with each other."
- Tricia & Che
"Mike and I have a lot of household items, so we registered with Card Avenue and are welcoming guests to simply purchase gift cards toward some bigger ticket items and everyday expenses post wedding."
- Rachel & Michael
"To celebrate our marriage, we're planning a California road trip - the first experience in a lifetime of shared memories. Our Card Avenue registry will help guests find items for our road trip as well as a few items needed for our home."
- Marlene & Derek
"We are creating this Card Avenue registry as a simple means to complete our new home as a couple... without the hassle of traditional registries."
- Jennifer & Shannon
"We can't really pinpoint things we need to 'feather our nest,' but once we have a nest of our own, we're sure our list will be long. Gift cards will be appreciated when that time comes!"
- Heather & Jake
"CardAvenue takes the guess work out of buying a wedding gift and...makes guests' lives easier!"
- Heather & Scott
"Since our living arrangements won't be permanent for another year and a half, we decided to skip the traditional registry. Card Avenue allowed us to select some companies we shop at frequently."
- Ambereen & Gautam
"We've been together now for many years and therefore have our kitchen and home basics covered. What we really need is furniture and help with our kitchen remodel. By registering with Card Avenue, group contributions to these stores will help us be able to reach these goals much faster."
- Kathryn & Corey
"The Card Avenue gift card registries we chose will help us get housewares like furniture and appliances and will also treat us to some travel and recreation."
- Cecily & Phillip
"We think Card Avenue is a pretty neat idea for gift giving that takes all of the guesswork out of the process."
- Natalie & Lelah
"Since we already have some household items, we decided to register for gift cards so that we can continue being active outside and purchase items to update a home."
- Lindsey & Carolina
"Since we already have most of the small stuff we need for our house, we thought it would be best to do a Card Avenue gift card registry to put towards the large items we still need."
- Michelle & Dan
"Being that we have most of the typical gifts that are given for weddings... Card Avenue gives us a gift card option so as we do need things, we can get them when the time is right."
- Deanna & Joshua